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Drop In Session Testimonial – Friday 16th March 2018

It’s always nice to receive lovely comments.

We received this over the weekend after hosting a drop-in session Friday. Tree Tops strive to be a family friendly company that we would hope anyone could get in touch and feel valued.

“Hello – thank you for allowing me to visit this morning. 
Even though I seemed to do most of the talking I learned so much and it has been a big help to me both on a personal and professional level!

Please pass on my thanks to Ellen (I think that was her name, she is one of the OT’s there). She was very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I can talk a lot when I get going but this tends to only be with people who I like and trust – if I give you earache then that is a sign that you’re doing something right!

I heard about you via a friend of mine and she always spoke very highly about your service.

Keep up the good work!”

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