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Dental Oral Hygiene Evening

Thank you to all of our parents/carers who attended our oral health promotion team evening on Monday 4th February 2019. It was very informative.

Elaine is going to email us the presentation as feels it would be beneficial to you all. This will be posted on the site when we receive it from her.

We’ve added some of the tips, questions or information you may find helpful:-

You can be referred to the specialist community dental service by a School Nurse, GP, Health Visitor or your own Dentist. Elaine’s details are at the bottom of this email too. If you live outside of Durham, still email her and she can pass on her colleagues’ details from the other counties. They are very aware of ASD/Sensory issues but if you are happy with your own dentist please stay with them.

Wobbly tooth
Chew on an ice pop or ice cube to help it on its way!

Frequency of eating sugary items causes lots of problems so try to get your child to eat a sugary item in one go rather than snacking on all day with it. It is much healthier this way!

How much toothpaste?
Only the size of a pea and make sure you push it right into the brush which ensures it does not drop into the sink!

Visiting the Community Dentist
Some children go every two weeks just to get used to going. Start off with little things by just turning up! Ensure you make a block of three to four appointments. The community dentist does not expect anything from the first visit. Usually they use social stories and communication cards which you can take home too.

Not to use after brushing as may wash away fluoride. Maybe use after a meal. Do not swallow.

Elaine also gave out some different types of brushes and pastes for our families to use. We have chosen one or two to give you an idea of what there is out there.

Contact Details:-
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Elaine Redshaw
Oral Health Promotion
Chester le Street Community Hospital
Front Street
Chester le Street
Co Durham

Telephone:0191 3876504

If you need to speak with Elaine, please do contact her as she is more than happy to have a chat with you. Our parents/carers last night took away so much and it is amazing what help is out there for you.

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