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A Day in the Life of…Hayley (Therapy Staff)

Hello I’m Hayley, and I have been at Tree Tops since September 2016.

I love assisting our OT’s in the therapy sessions with our children and try to make sure everyone has the right equipment and a good song ready to ensure there is lots of fun involved!

I left school at 18, got married at 21, and I have worked various roles in the care sector, young and old, but my best experience has been working with children with special needs. This role at Tree Tops is my most rewarding job so far! I love to sing and play piano/guitar but never in front of anyone – well, maybe the horses outside!

I have 3 children who keep me very busy when I am not at Tree Tops (especially my gorgeous son who has high-functioning autism). We live in the countryside and love taking walks, bike riding, watching the birds. The best thing about living in the country is the peace and quiet, and watching the farmer taking his sheep, down the road is always a highlight!!

In the office at Tree Tops, I manage my time between setting up therapy sessions, researching the best therapy tools, and encouraging our ladies to keep up the challenging work (and eat more chocolate!)

I find my role at Tree Tops and absolute privilege and feel honoured to be working alongside parents and meeting your wonderful children.

Haley Cooper

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