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A day in the life of…Fizzwig

Hi, I’m Fizzwig, the company mascot. I was previously at Parkside Academy (Willington) but I was donated to Tree Tops approximately 2 years ago. A competition was duly held to choose my name, which was won by James and Andrew. I love it as it is so different!

I live in the waiting room and I enjoy being cuddled by the children. At times I am involved in the sessions and take part in various activities on the swings, bench, space hopper, trampoline and handwriting tasks.

I enjoy wrestling, helping others in distress and compiling competitions for the children to take part in every term. I have a Friday slot on the Tree Tops Facebook page where parents/carers/professionals can ask me questions about our services. I’m also trying to trend on Twitter, so get tweeting for #AskFizzwig! My ambition is to be famous! fizz-swingFizzwig

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