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Christmas Ideas – the ASD/DCD/SPD Child

Buying a toy, gift, or Christmas present for a child or teen who has ASD, DCD or SPD can be challenging.  So, a lot of our parents ask if we have any ideas on what gifts to purchase. By purchasing gifts that will help the development of the eight senses is a great idea and hopefully see these areas improve over the weeks.

We have put together this helpful guide of “Christmas ideas – the ASD/DCD/SPD child” to give you some ideas. These are also fun and can include the whole family which is very important.

All we ask is that there is no cheating mind! Santa will be watching you all!!

Christmas Ideas for the ASD/DCD/SPD Child – have fun!


When choosing the toy/gift, it is important to respect your child’s interests and their age.  By purchasing something within their interest categories, this will engage them far longer.

If you’re worried about your child and their development whether it is regarding handwriting, food, sleep, concentration, fidgeting, extreme behaviours and meltdowns, fine/gross motor skills and attachment disorder, have a look at our Symptom Checklist below.

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