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Christmas Gift Ideas

Today, our tip of the week is again looking at Christmas gift ideas for vestibular, proprioception, visual perception and motor planning for the children. We have added a little summary about each one to help you. Don’t forget though, you can email or message us any time for a chat about your child.

Vestibular – this system helps your child to control balance, eye movements, and spatial orientation, so they know where they are in the world. It helps a child to know when they are moving, keeping still, how fast or slow they are going, and in what direction.

Proprioception – this enables your child to close their eyes, touch their nose with their index finger, knowing where their feet are (ie on the grass, sand, pavement), and where the body is in space (body awareness).

Motor planning – a skill that allows your child to remember/perform steps to make a movement happen ie brushing teeth, planning a task and carrying it out.

Visual perception – this refers to making sense of what the child’s eyes see.  You need good visual perceptual skills for tasks such as writing, reading, drawing, puzzles, dressing, finding items etc. Without this important skill, your child’s self esteem may suffer along with their education.

Hope the Christmas gift ideas help but also click on the link below at what services we offer.

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