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Caudwell Children’s Charity – Thursday 6 April 2017

News from tonight’s get together.

Michelle Dias from Caudwell gave us a very informative evening.

A lot of insight was gained into what help you can get out there via Michelle. Fudge was donated by Angela. It was yummy!

Michelle has left some information of various charities that can help people gain equipment and basically what is out there to help the families.

To get some of the equipment you have to earn less than £45000 (joint income and excludes benefits), the child has to have a disability and is aged from 0-18. We have some print outs of the packs available that you can purchase at a lower cost as the charity pay for example 70% of costs and you pay the rest. However you can remove items which also makes it cheaper. There are many packs you can apply for with the most popular being the ASD pack.

They are also looking for child ambassadors for their network. This means your child (and siblings) can go to various places and write a blog/review on how they felt about the venue etc. If you are interested or would like more information, just message Michelle as she is a member of our group.

Michelle covers Northumberland and Durham and can conduct home or telephone visits, depending on how comfortable you feel. She did give me a list of major funding bodies but we will post these separately over the weekend.

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