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#AskFizzwig – Tree Tops Shares


Each Friday during lockdown, we will be having a question and answer forum. Our question this week is:

“My daughter really struggles with her speech at times. She also has a very limited diet and gags with certain foods/textures. Is there anything I can do to help her?

In reply this week:
Yes! There are lots of activities that will help this area.
Oral motor activities work on the oral skills necessary for proper speech and even feeding development.

Here are some ideas but don’t forget, you would still need therapeutic intervention from the correct professionals:-

* Make a really big smile, relax and do this several times
* Puff out cheeks, lips closed then relax and repeat
* Blow bubbles or a feather
* Drink a thick milkshake through a straw
* Blow football
* Chew a carrot stick

A great sunny day like this gorgeous Friday is a fantastic day for blowing bubbles, albeit very windy! Get out there and have fun this weekend with the bubbles.

Starting on Sunday, we have four videos for the next four weeks all related to oral motor and food therapy. Make sure you tune in for some good advice from Ellen.

Don’t forget you can send your questions to any of the following social media and mark it in the title “Tree Tops Shares”. Keep them coming in! You can also post on here if you are happy to do so.

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