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Elf helps our children

Because it is coming up to Christmas, elf has been finding it challenging to cope with everything going on in his daily life. Several of our families have booked their child in for a one off session to help with the build up to Christmas. We do have a few free slots available this week if you think your child would benefit from some assistance, just give the office a call.

Our elf therefore has been a busy bod this week. He’s been in the sessions with the children doing some handwriting to help his fine motor skills.

Elf has also been conducting some inversions over the peanut when suddenly it transposed into a reindeer! He bounced a few times on this (slowly and rhythmically) whilst playing on his Xbox which enabled him still to get some movement.

Later, we found elf in Reception having a rest, playing with the dinosaur, enjoying a cuddle with our mascot Fizzwig then looking at our Tree Tops nativity scene.

Goodness knows what mischief he will be making leading up to Christmas.

What has your elf been up to this week? Send your pictures in!

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