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4Motion (18 April 2017) – Learning to ride a bike!

4Motion – Fab night!

Lots of our parents/carers and children turned up this evening and had a nice time.  We had quite a few new group members so hope they managed to meet some  people and have time for a chat.

Nigel and his team worked hard all evening helping the children on the scooters and then teaching them how to ride with some tips for parents/carers.  It certainly looked like they were riding by the end of it all.

A little bit of money was left over from the evening so they will be doing something with that over the next few weeks.

People came from afar such as Amanda from Crook who took the bus both ways and Sonia and her family who had travelled all the way from Huddersfield. Wow!

We definitely think the children had a great time and judging by the tired faces, will have had a peaceful sleep (fingers crossed).

All in all a great night with some happy, smiling faces at the end of it!



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