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We have a range of hand assessments including hand skills, handwriting, pre writing, and the speed of handwriting. Children who struggle with manipulation of tools for example scissors skills, threading. They may show a weak/unusual pencil grip and weak hand muscles.

Pre writing assessments:

Non-standardised assessment of hand skills


Delayed hand skill development will impact on many aspects of education especially handwriting

Handwriting assessment

For children who struggle to formulate letters, develop a consistent style and record adequate amount during lessons. Poor posture and pencil grip are also seen.


  • Hand writing checklist
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • 3 aspects of TVPS  


To establish any weakness in the physical, sensory or perceptual component of handwriting


For young children who struggle to master the basic strokes of letter formation.


  • Shore developmental pre writing assessment
  • VMI


Establish the child’s developmental writing level of the child, to target the areas of need for successful handwriting skills

Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (DASH)

For older children to establish exact areas of weakness hindering their speed and efficiency of writing


  • Standardised DASH
  • VMI


To target the specific areas of need with specialised handwriting programme.

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Our therapists at Tree Tops are passionate about working with educational staff to grow their knowledge and skills. School staff will be trained and supported when learning to work with children affected by sensory and motor difficulties to integrate the programmes designed for them.

Many children with learning difficulties will have sensory processing difficulties, causing them to struggle with every day experiences like movement and sound. We will assess and design individual programmes and work with teachers on how to implement these into children's routines.

Tree Tops believe all young children benefit from our therapeutic activities and interventions. Whilst we can provide programmes for developmentally delayed children, an integrated approach into the nursery environment ensures no children are overlooked.


"Through structure and pushing the boundaries each week we saw a huge change in our son’s relationships with adults and other children. Asking our son about the experience he will tell you that he loves attending Tree Tops because it’s fun and exciting and he can wrestle with the bear in Reception."

"The Think Sensory Not Behaviour Training helped me to think of the underlying cause of many of the behaviours we see in Nursery and lots of positive strategies we can use to prevent them and support individual children.”

"I feel enormously inspired and passionate about implementing strategies to support a wide range of needs for children in our school. I'm excited to work alongside the Tree Tops team!"

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Tree Tops Occupational Therapy Ltd are an established service with an outstanding reputation for children's occupational therapy and sensory integration expertise.  

Based in County Durham and Stockton, we work in partnership with families, schools and health professionals across the North East to make a difference to children’s lives by improving their ability to achieve as well as their general happiness and wellbeing.

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